Everyday we are in desperate need and Desperate HOPE for the Lord

      Desperate HOPE Foundation is a faith-based, non-profit organization that provides a transitional live-in Christian environment. The Home provides women with or without children support in becoming self-sufficient, drug and alcohol-free and productive members of society. There will be homes for both men and women that can have the support and aftercare treatment needed while having their children with them. The Home teaches residents about drug and alcohol counseling, substance abuse support, addiction support services, communication skills, leadership training, mentoring, parenting and aftercare. This is also a place where the women and men can feel safe to express their struggles and triumphs into their journey. A place of love, compassion and accountability. The homes will provide on-going studies of the Bible and fellowship with other women and men as well as one on one mentoring with other Christians. These programs and services will be open for all individuals that would like to participate in the support groups regardless if they live in the homes or didn't finish their programs or would just like to be with a group of women or men to support them on their journey. We don't feel anyone should be excluded from the love and support they so desperately need.